• @Derelict:

    UPnP and NAT-PMP allow things inside your network (like gaming consoles and malware) to open inbound firewall rules.

    Most who care about security consider them to be something of a bad idea. Hence they are both disabled by default.

    Lovely.  And no idea when I may have enabled them or why.. I vaguely recall following a "how-to" regarding "NAT issues" on Xbox Live?  I wonder if that was it.

    At any rate.  I have it disabled now.  Sure enough, now the game client attempts to connect, but drops.

    The next step I should take then is port forwarding?  Did this setup look right?:


    I suspect I'll have to configure/utilize Firewall -> NAT -> Outbound as well so that the game client (and "what is my ip") see's the game server as xxx.xxx.xxx.233 (VIP) rather than xxx.xxx.xxx.237 (which is pfSense's WAN IP)?  If so, I'm not completely clear on the settings (before going into "add"ing a new rule, it appears to make sense, then well.. obfuscated in my eyes):


  • /eye

    Not sure of the topic split.  I have no questions regarding xbox port forwards, as I no longer play xbox nor was ever intended to be the topic of discussion, sorry.


    Incase it's TL;DR

    5 static IP's from ISP.  Have already setup pfSense now with DG of xxx.xxx.xxx.238 and pfSense WAN of xxx.xxx.xxx.237.  Usable IP's of .233, .234, .235 and .236.  I wish for a VM that has a gameserver on it, on LAN (with virtual IP of xxx.xxx.xxx.233) currently set with 1:1 NAT, to allow incoming traffic to it at certain ports (I believe port forwarding will take care of that), however, the game server is sending responses back from my pfSense's WAN (.237) vice my VM/gameserver's VIP (.233).  From my current understanding I need to setup Outbound NAT, but, unsure of -how- (i.e. what goes where) to do that.

    Xbox only got brought up because I had UPnP enabled and I mentioned I suspect it was a "how to" I followed at some point (havent had an xbox for 2 years) so that it would result in an "open NAT" while playing CoD.  Sorry gang, wasn't seeking Xbox help, didnt mean to mislead anyone.

    Maybe the above will help in directing my OP to a more correct sub hopefully.  I do appreciate the help thus far.

  • Can you do ipv6 with your isp?  The xbox one supports ipv6 and is currently the only console to do so AFAIK.

    IPV6 would solve these issues for you.