Syntax in Suricata YAML re: port ranges

  • I'm attempting to edit the Suricata template at /usr/local/pkg/suricata/ to add some port variables in the "port-groups:" section for use in custom rules.  Looking at the docs, it seems like I can't add a range of ports like in Snort (i.e. 0:500), but that I must enumerate each one?

    Am I understanding this correctly?  Am I going about this the right way?  Snipped below,

    # Holds the port group vars that would be passed in a Signature.
         Allowed: "[1,2,3,4]"
         NotAllowed: "[1:4]"

  • Found a discussion on the subject here,

    For anyone happening upon this I gave up, because it looks unsupported,  and just lived without the alias.

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