OpenVPN hung

  • I updated to 2.3.2 on Monday and is the first time in 7 years the OpenVPN service is working but unresponsive, I was unable to connect to OpenVPN until I restarted the service.

    Also Web interface was hung, when trying to connect I get only an Nginx error.
    I connected by ssh, restarted web configurator and same result, until i restarted php-fpm.

    Also same day migrated an ssl site from one server to another (just port redirection machine was working in tests weeks before) and I had  a nightmare just with SSL requests.

    OpenVPN is listening on 443 too at a different ipaddress, can be some kind of problem with SSL ports/protocols?

    Also after I connected Openvpn and logged into web interface, I saw openvpn does not retrieve openvpnserver connections at the main status page, but if I go into Status->OpenVPN it show my stablished connections perfectly

  • I was having similar issues on 2.3.2, if you're still having trouble try removing the IPSec and/or OpenVPN widget from the web console home page.

    I don't know which widget was causing the problem for me but I haven't had any issues for almost 3 weeks now, previously was having an incident weekly.

  • thx !! Will try, I updated to 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 with even worst result. As you said, I use to find unresponsive my openvpn server once per week, after update it happened twice per week… Will try to disable openvpn interface plugins

  • There;s a dns leakage line added to some config files. Remove it. Should fix the problem. Did for me.

  • In my case same client config (no changes) since months ago when deployed.
    I only deleted de openvpn plugin from dashboard and one week passed without openvpn problems…

  • Still with the same problem…
    openvpn server process became unresponsive and after a restart comes back again.
    If any is interested on fixing this and need some logs just ask me.

  • I still have this problem as of today, with pfsense 2.3.2p1.

    When it happens, about once pr week, I normally log into pfsense by SSH and restarts webconfigurator and PHP-FPM then restarts the OpenVPN in the GUI. That I can live with. But the pain is that the branch office doesn't automatically reconnect to the OpenVPN-server but have to be rebooted every time this happens.

    I removed the OpenVPN and IPsec widgets but the probmels still occurs.

    Coffeup25, can you please advise on "dns leakage line added to some config files"? Which config files and which lines shall I look for?

    Or does somebody know another solution?

    I read somewhere that it might not be fixed as pfsense 2.4 will use another GUI-system and therefore it will be obsolete. So I presume the error/problem is still there in 2.3.3?

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