Squidguard calling sgerror.php in wrong interface

  • Hi guys.

    I'm running Pfsense (2.3.2) with squid (0.4.22) and squidguard (1.14_3) using transparent proxy and man-in-the-middle filtering.
    I must say that for now everything is working properly, except when squidguard try to block anything.
    When a host makes a conection to a page in the blacklist, the browser is pointed to sgerror.php to generate the block page, but the call is made to the wrong interface.

    I have two interfaces in the same nic.
    One is just for administrative purposes, in
    The other interface, is the transit network that my core switch uses to connect to Pfsense, in

    So, when a block is made by squidguard, it redirects to sgerror.php in, but I need the redirect to be made to sgerror.php in
    If not, the page can't be reacheable to the hosts.
    Any idea how can I change that?

    Thanks! ;D

  • Try changing the redirect mode from int page to ext URL error page and then supply the full URL with IP address.

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