Openvpn - voip problems

  • Hello !

    Thanks for taking care of this post,

    I have a problem with a softphone connected to my asterisk through a openvpn tunnel with Pfsense.

    Softphone (x-lite) -> Pfsense -> Asterisk 13

    Everything work very well without openvpn but when i connect my softphone and use local ip of my asterisk i have one issue:

    Call disconnect after exactely 20sec.
    I already follow this guideline: without success
    I also reduce registration and keepalive on my softphone without success

    Any one have a solutions?
    Thanks !

  • Check your SIP signalling traffic on both sides.
    For sure you will need to declare your VPN subnet as localnet in Asterisk.
    X-Lite should not try to discover it's public ip.

  • I add vpn subnet to local network in asterisk and everything work ! thanks

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