Pfsense 2.2.4 frequently pauses connection over hyper-v

  • Hi There,

    I have two office branches. One office is on ESXi with pfsense latest version and working well without any issues as of now. However, my second office has the old (2.2.4) version with Hyper-V on Win2012 R2.

    This pfsense VM keeps on pausing very frequently now and shows a notification of "disks(s) running out of space" where as I have plenty of space. Further, one other thing I have noticed is that, I cannot install pfsense if I create a virtual disk that is more than 30GB. This has been a real pain and I couldn't find anything relates to this.

    Appreciate if someone could point me where I have done wrong?

  • Is very extraneus.. My solution works in 2012 R2. Create the VM with hyper-v gen1 (ATA Controller)



  • Use fixed size virtual disk, not dynamic.