PfSense Deployment for Office Network on VMWare

  • Hello everyone, or anyone that can help.

    So here's my situation: I have heard many great things about pfSense and plan to integrate it into my office's network. The plan is to have pfSense on a host plugged in directly to our Comcast Business Class Modem and use it as a firewall/router/etc.

    Set up shouldn't be too complicated, although sometimes Virtualization for this kind of stuff can get a bit tricky. I really just need some network planning advice. I have 4 subnets I essentially need to have in place, one being a DMZ as its sole purpose is to be a network for the camera system (only two cameras, nothing crazy). For now, we will call this the 1. For the other three subnets, one (the 31) will be a management network to be able to access the rest of the networks and will be limited to about 2-4 ethernet lines. The next one (the 30) will house the network for all of our virtualized hosts that have various things on them (scripting bots, windows vms, etc.). And lastly, we have the 20, which will be for all of the clients in the building. It will be primarily wireless through the use of an Apple Time Capsule and Apple Airport to cover the building on both ends of it.

    So just to recap: 1 = Camera System, 31 = Management, 30 = VM Hosts, 20 = Private Building Wifi + A few Ethernet Clients

    Thanks to anyone who can weigh their opinion in on this. Constructive Criticism is most welcome  ;D

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