Problem with one site

  • Hi everyone,

    i have big problem with a site:…it is blocked somewhere in pfsense:/ The hosts can connect to the site on port 443 but the content is not firewall states i can see that connection is established. When i disconnect pfsense from network...all works fine. I have no squid or other packages installed - only firewall.

    please help :)

    thanks very much

  • What DNS server(s) are your hosts using?

  • hi, in configuration i entered my router as dns server, i can change this settings to forward fe. to google. but do do i need to change something in pfsense config then? now all hosts get config from dhcp from router and pfsens is in transparent mode. or maybe i should change my router dns addresses?

    ok, i changed dns to google… nothing better. When i plug host directly to router beside pfsense this site is working fine:/

  • PFS doesn't filter content in this way, unless you have some third party software operating here that you're not mentioning. It's possible that your client machine is using some form of security software which is preventing the connection. Is this only happening with Myairbridge, or is this also occurring elsewhere?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    This is the same person that couldn't get ftp to work.. In that thread he mentions that now everything is working even his other thread about specific site which I take is this one..

    i know, but…all started to work...:) even site that i was writing on other post...:/

    He had stated in that thread he had pfsense in transparent mode - which may or may not be the case.. He was very sparse on details in that other thread as well.

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