Wireless Vlan Traffic out VPN

  • Hey guys,  i have a wired connection working perfectly with AirVPN.  I have a unifi AC pro that has my regular wifi,  and a guest wifi (Vlan).  what i want to do is create another wirelesss network (Vlan) that when connected sends all traffic out the AIRVPN wan,  not my normal ISP wan.  Any ideas?  Would that be done with NAT or firewall rules?

  • Go to Firewall>Aliases>IP and create an alias with all the IP addresses that must use the VPN tunnel.
    Then go to Firewall>Rules>LAN and create your own rule using the previous alias as Source and setting up the correct VPN gateway in the Advanced Options.

  • I will give that a try when i get home from work.. it would be EVERY client that connects to that VPN wireless network.

  • So you should include in that alias the whole range of IP addresses assigned via DHCP Server

  • thanks for responding.. will try in a couple hours..

  • I'm not an expert with VLANs actually, but from what you are describing this is what I'm gathering. I usually surf the net and try to find new useful info. Recently I've got wise to a VPN and it significanse. And read about VLANs in Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_LAN So, I have a question too. What solution would you recommend for a small business looking to utilize VLANs, a CISCO switch or another vendor? I need simple and efficient way to configure and utilize VLANs.

  • I guess it depends how much you want to spend.  I have all Cisco and it is a little expensive but might be better in a business situation.

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    Any smart/managed switch would be able to do vlans - use your vendor of choice.  For a smb wanting to get started with vlans I would go with the cisco sg300, now sg350 line.

    You could goes cheap as like $40 to spending 1000's all comes down to the feature set you want/need and port density..

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