Pfsense OVH+Promox, VM behind the firewall can´t resolve DNS via bridge WAN-OPT1

  • Dear, friends I am so new in pfsense, could be my problem is a trick but I have some days traying to find the solution, I really appreciate you full help, bellow my infrastructure:

    Dedicated server on OVH
    RIPE IP /29
    2 Web Server to protect
    Proxmox Installed on a dedicated server:
    pfsnse 2.3.1

    I just following the genial tutorial

    I configured my pfsense following the guide, the bridge is working and the acces to internet work because from the those web server behind the firewall can ping to, but for any reason I am no able to resolve any DNS, for example doing ping to,

  • Does any other protocol work? Like SSH and FTP. If not, you probably have a sum offload issue, this is described in the post at the top of the page.

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