PfSense forum blocked in India

  • Dear moderators and admins,

    The pfSense forum is blocked on Indian IP addresses, just curious and wanted to know why.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I highly doubt they are blocking every IP known to come from India ;)  That is a HUGE amount of space…  I show India with almost 3500 netblocks..
    etc.. etc. etc.. etc...

    Can you be a bit more specific with what network your coming from.. How do you know they are blocking and not just an issue with your isp connectivity or something between your isp and the rest of the internet on the path to pfsense IP.

  • Dear Johnpoz,

    In India there are major two internet providers, BSNL (goverment owned) and Airtel, these two are the major players in telecom and internet, all the other players have leased the internet from one of the two. As far as i remember and can see

    BSNL uses 59.X.X.X/117.X.X.X seriers and
    Airtel uses 122.X.X.X/121.X.X.X

    they definitely have other series as well, but these are the ones i get at my place.
    For e.g. the current ip address i have is 122.161.51.XX and it is still showing banned.
    I would like to request the moderators to please unban these ips if possible.

    Attaching a screenshot of banned.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    well that clearly is a ban ;)

    Prob because shit load of spam coming from your netblock would be my guess..  Yeah it sucks that the many sometimes get punished for the bad behavior of the few or the one ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There have been a ton of spammers from that IP space over time, so it was blocked. I removed the bans on that space for now, but if addresses in that range start spamming again, it'll have to be blocked again.

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