Route via openvpn needs a few hits

  • Hello,
    I set up a tun VPN in mode "Remote Access".

    local LAN–--pfSense----[vnp link]–--remote LAN

    From an host in local LAN I can ping a host in remote LAN but not the first time I type ping in terminal.. not the second.. but the third works fine!
    The same thing with SSH, only the 3rd attempt works! I didn't check but I think port 80 behaves the same but maybe the browser hides it auto requesting the page again.

    On the pfsense box I added a firewall rule to set the gateway for traffic destined to remote LAN but  tcpdump shows the packets are not routed via the vpn link in the first and second tries.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    p.s. pfSense 2.3.1

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    makes no sense if there is route to send it down the tunnel its should always go down the tunnel.  Is the tunnel not up when you do your first ping?

  • no, the tunnel keeps running fine. that's the weird thing.
    if I ping or ssh from pfSense it has no problems. But from "Local LAN" it works the 3rd try.  ???

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