Open VPN authentication with Apple OS X Open Directory Server

  • Does anyone know where i can find information on authenticating users, coming in over Open VPN, with an Open Directory server from Apple?

    Is this information available in the PfSense book that comes with the Gold subscription?

    Followed directions for setting up an LDAP v3 server in the User Manager. It seems to be set up correctly. When connecting remotely, it asks for the username and password to connect, however after i enter the user credentials it says that username and password are incorrect.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Use Diagnostics > Authentication to do your debugging.

    I just tested with OS X 10.11.6 and Server 5.1.7. Seems to work.

    User: derelict authenticated successfully. This user is a member of groups:


  • Thanks Derelict, the authentication is failing and not sure what the correct settings are to use with OS X 10.11.x

    Some settings in the Server Settings section:

    Port value: 636
    Peer Certificate Authority: MainCA Internal (Is this where i could be going wrong? Do i have to export the authentication certificate from the authentication server?)

    The Base DN is: cn=users, dc=abcserver, dc=local
    Authentication containers: cn=users, dc=abcserver, dc=local

    Do i need to check the RFC 2307 Groups box?

    What do i put for Group Object Class?


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