Steam Dedicated Servers not showing up in server lists

  • hi i am running pfsense 2.3.2-RELEASE , i cant seem to get my game server showing up in the server list / cant connect to it publicly
    the ports i have port forward  are got the ports open tcp/udp 27015 27016 , also 7777 to 7778 , but when i try and go find it on steam , servers it says not responding there nothing on the firewall logs what telling me it blocking it , i also did a port test and open up rdp port and that is working fine ? wonder someone could help me ? i would prefer someone add me on skype joshhopey , maybe you can see what the issue is , or steam joshhopey , thank you ! i also checked it on a basic firewall / router and the ports are working . i not sure what is going on , i am newish to pfsense , also try NAT Reflection mode for port forwards to pure nat what i seen people try and worked but didt for me , i would prefer someone added me on skype , joshhopey so they could see what maybe the issue could be and show me how to fix the issue ,

  • anyone ?

  • Netgate

    Probably want to run through the list here. Your problem is probably there.

  • First, most Steam ports are on UDP.

    Second, Start your Steam port from 2302 - 2306.

    If you start another (2nd) steam server use 2316 -2321

  • You are not the only one with this problem

  • what does wireshark show

  • Banned

    More details about the config would help, i have run up to 8 TF2 servers behind my pfsense in the datacenter when i was hosting a gaming clan and it worked fine when setup properly.

  • Going on a limb here but static ports of who ever is hosting through the NAT might help?

  • Tried the following on both interfaces
    tcpdump -nnvvXS -i eth0 port 7777 or 7778 or 27015 -c 1500