• I think its best to have a dvd installer for offline installation.  I cant stress enough its usefulness especially to those who have slow internet connection.

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    There are installation .iso files available. And memsticks as well. None require Internet access to install.

    Fetching packages would require an active Internet connection, but that would be after install.

    If you must upgrade offline, you could reinstall in place from ISO or memstick using "rescue config.xml" in the installer or using this method to slip in the config during install: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Automatically_Restore_During_Install

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    Maybe he wants a DVD iso ;)  Because who writes to cd anymore ;)  I think we should have a bluray iso as well..  hehehe

  • Hey, that reminds me - what about the left-handed versions?

    Why haven't they included those in the mirrors?
    C'mon, it's the 21st century. let's keep this stuff up to date!

  • Yes there is a cd image iso installer but what i meant was to include also all those packages.

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    Should they update the iso every time a package gets updated?  What if I don't want or need any of the packages, why should I have to download them?  So pfsense should have both versions one that 1 guy that wants to use pfsense with packages in some completely offline setup since you normally need a router/firewall that doesn't have access to the internet..

    So to keep things straight on which offline version your grabbing they will need to bump the version number so you know which version your getting and what versions of packages, etc. ;)

    "I cant stress enough its usefulness especially to those who have slow internet connection."

    So you have slow internet, so your idea is to download ALL Packages and their dependencies even though you might not need them because yeah that really helps downloading more stuff on your slow internet connection ;)

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    Your original post did not mention packages at all, but doing that would be highly impractical.

    You can "pkg fetch" the packages you want on a box that is connected and then copy them to the other unit directly. Then pkg add from the local file. So long as you have all the dependencies, you don't need connectivity.