Voucher time remaining

  • Hi all, I'm a newbie user.

    It happens that after executed the login with voucher, the "countdown" of it doesn't stop also if I disconnected from captive portal.

    Is there a way to keep in pause the remaining time of voucher after disconnected?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, at the moment there is no "pausable" voucher type. The time counts down from the moment they login.

  • On the login page, where the visitor-with-a-voucher enters the voucher code, add button that states :

    "I agree that my time is limited (see voucher), and I declare that I activated a count-down timer in my SmartPhone - or the device I use to connect to the portal".


    You have a maintenance free and easy to understand 'count down timer'.
    Zero hassle guaranteed.
    If the visitor doesn't want the count down timer, well, in that case, maybe because he doesn't need one ;)

    A real win-win situation.