OpenVPN-Client as a Gateway

  • Hello Friends,

    Apology if this is a repeated question. it took me a while to look up a similar approach and i got lost.

    So to make it simple I'm running on pfsense-2.3.2 and as you see below ..
    I'm trying to route traffic between my Local VLAN(s) "" to/fro a remote OpenVPN-Client's LAN ""

    OPVN Client's LAN        OVPN-Client              ||              OVPN-Server                  ||      LANs            ||

    [Client's LAN]–---------------[Rpi]–------------------|--------------[Pfsense]–----------------|----[VLANs]–----- (lan ip)            | (gw for vlan1)        |
                             (ovpn ip)            | (gw for vlan4)        |
                                                                                      | (gw for ovpn)    |

    I would appreciate any guidance here.

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

  • I would guess it would work if you create firewall rules in each vlan, source your network; destination theirs, and select advanced options in the rule and manually select the gateway interface. So long as you have it assigned to an interface.

    Though, admittedly, I am new to OpenVPN.

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