Cradlepoint NAT OpenVPN issues?

  • Would sticking a PFsense behind a Cradlepoint that provides a 1918 space IP addess to the PFsense cause a problem for OpenVPN?

    I have problem where my client side lan can't hit anything on the server side.  The server side lan can only hit the client's tunnel IP but nothing behind it.  The Tunnel comes up and looks fine.  Routes look correct and the firewall rules are applied.  The client PFsense can ping anything on the other side of the tunnel.  The server PFsense can only ping the tunnel interface.  I can see ping going out the openvpn interface but never showing up on the far side…....

    I am to the point I think it is a bug or the cradlepoint is adding some kind of problem

  • If the tunnel is up the devices between the tunnel nodes do not affect the availability of the hosts behind it.

    Based on your description of your issue, I presume the client is set behind the Cradlepoint and other hosts in the LAN use the the router as default gateway and will have no route to the server sides LAN.
    If so you will either have add a route to each LAN host at client side for server sides LAN to direct the traffic to pfSense or do NAT to translate the VPN traffic to the clients LAN IP.

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