Captive Portal with Transparent Proxy - click,click,click…

  • It appears that enabling Captive Portal with the Transparent Proxy for a Terms of Service Page (I've only tested with no authentication, just "Continue") often requires a time passage or multiple clicks before redirecting to the originally requested page - the TOS page just refreshes over and over.  I have verified that traffic is permitted immediately after the first click.  Also, if a redirection page is setup in the CP, then it works on the first click.  I'm using the example code for the "Continue" button.

    I've tested with the 1.2 release version, and upgraded to the 8/20 1.2.1 RC1 version, and have the same behavior.

    Additionally, user "Vatson" reported this issue in May - I've contacted them, and they are simply working around it.,9527.msg53913.html#msg53913

    If anyone has any insight into what may be causing this, or suggestions to test further, I'd love to hear them.



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