CP turns itself off all the time

  • hey all "me" is back in business
    Ok, so i desided to turn on my CP but guess what, when the admin page of CP is loaded fully it shows as the CP is enebled, but when i go somewhere and check back CP admn page it says that CP is OFF. Semas like settings for CP are not being saved… can some one help me out... reboot doenst help... hard reset helped for about a day and then CP  turned itself OFF.... I have no idea hopw it could be happaning?  Maybe cron demon doing something wrong? I'm running 1.2 and its midnight so i really wanna sleep but this problem really bothering me...

    any ideas?

  • I have captive portal working fine with pfSense 1.2 and pfSense1.2.1. Captive portal uses PHP, firewall rules, and a webserver (lighttpd running on the captive portal port) and that is the service you are referring to that is stopping. Did you change the default captive portal port? I'm wondering if you are running a package that is conflicting with the port that lighttpd is trying to use for captive portal. Look at the logs and see if it mentions anything that would be helpful. If you have any packages added disable them and see if it that makes any difference.

  • no packages, I evnn reseted the PF configs to default… i'm thinking just to put new CF card in w/ fresh installation but I dont have accesss to the device.. only remote one

  • Strange problem. I would try 1.2.1 and see if that makes a difference.

  • it happaned after a year of operations. probably due to some unknown problem. I dont know

  • A file on the Compact Flash Card has likely become corrupt. Backup your config, reinstall, then restore the config then I bet it will work again.

  • yep that is the best thing to do… well the only problem is that I still have to go to that basement :(

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