Squid Usage

  • So I have been using pfsense for about a year now.  My server has grown a bit.  I run apache to serve up webpages and have exposed ports for various other tools I regularly use.  So for example jenkins has its own webserver which runs on port 8080.

    I use apache to redirect http to https on my server.  And I want to setup squid to server up all my webservers as https with nice endpoints.  Instead of https://myserver.com:8080, I want https://myserver.com/jenkins to redirect to to 8080.

    Nothing is easy in apache, so I'm looking at squid, but getting confused about reverse proxy vs transparent proxy.  I understand the difference, but pfsense keeps complaining that I need to enable squid proxy.

    Any pointers of what the right direction is?



  • Little bit more.

    I'd like squid to do this.

    http port 80 redirect to https 443 and serve up https pages.  On the backend I want to use simple http and squid do all the encrypting.

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