Openvpn through ipsec

  • hi everybody
    is there anyone could send config screen photos please
    i am trying to do as same as that
    i have ipsec tunnel from to (tplink)
    i have  openvpn tunnel on the side of (here i have pfsense)
    so i when i connect with openvpn i can comunicate all of the network of but i want to comunicate also with remote network of ipsec is is posible ?
    many thanks for everybody to helping me to solve this

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    Posting the same question 6 times will not get you an answer any faster, friend. In fact it will only irritaqte people who might otherwise take time to help.

  • thanks,
    i aldrready see on forum similiar question but anyone gave clearly explaination
    you can already check it
    i put same post where i see similiar question but it is too old for that reason

  • I'm in the same situation…

    Site-to-site IPSec (pfsense both side);
    Remote access ovpn to the first pfsense box.
    Cannot route the remote client through the remote IPSec subnet...

    Any advise?


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    I can see simply explaining it is not going to be enough.

    So, referencing this diagram, you want Remote Access OpenVPN clients ( to be able to access Host C1, etc (

    Do you have Redirect Gateway checked in the remote access VPN server or not?

  • Hi Derelict,

    Yes you got the point! However I managed to make it myself.

    I was paying attention to the routing table of the OpenVPN connection (with was correct anyhow); instead I had to modify the phase 2 in the IPSec tunnel by including the OpenVPN subnet (in a new Phase2 instance).
    In the server OpenVPN, I had to push the route to the destination subnet I want to reach and that's all.
    Now I have a remote gateway entry-point from which I can access all the shared network.

    Thanks anyway for your time!

    @mesro09: Hope this could be clear, if you still have problem feel free to contact me in PM.


  • I manged to resolve the original(!) problem (i.e. openvpn - >pfsense <- ipsec tunnel -> tp-link) by adding a P2 entry declaring the openvn network as local AND (!) on the TP-Link device added a new IPsec Policy (under IPsecVPN/IPsec) using the same IKE Policy as the Tunnel connecting the two LANs.

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