Squid logs still displaying : pinger Initilising ICMP pinger

  • Hello Community,

    I have to build a new server for the french red cross based on pfsence,

    Actually i'm using Ipcop but due to poor functionnality I need to switch to pfsense.

    All seems to work fine except the squid part.

    I have configured my firewall to denied all access from the LAN to the WAN in order to force the usage of squid.

    I'm using the 2.3.2 version of pfsense (the lastest actually), during an http connexion on a client computer I get no response from web pages.

    Squid access logs seems to display correctly the client accesses with TCP_MISS/200 but the browser seems to have time out to display the page.

    I'm not using the Transparent mode.

    If somebody has an idea, i'm actually stuck.

    Regards !

    ps : sorry if my English is not very good.

  • Solved by desactivating SquidGuard … Strange ...

  • By default, I think squidGuard is configured to deny all so you would have to go to Target Categories, expand the list and then make sure that Default access [all] is set to Allow.