Pfsense on Hyper-v is really slow compared to previous pfSense solution

  • Hello there! I have been a pf user for a couple of months now and I really like it, but during a server migration, I decided to move my standalone pfServer to VM (Hyper-V) But I seem to have some issues with speed doing this

    Here is a quick peek at my configuration (Now vs working as intended)

    OS: Windows server 2012 r2
    Hardware specs:!tab=specs
    Nics : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit

    How I set up the VM for pfsense

    1. @Hyper-V "Virtual Switch Manager" I added both the WAN and LAN as "External network"s with default options
    2. Installed pfSense with ALL default settings

    The Nics were detected as "hn0\hn1" and hn0 recived the WAN adress, I even pinged to see if the connection was successful, and it was.

    But I get really slow speeds on my 100UD fibre connection.

    I tied to load my previous pfSense box's configuration without any success, the problem still persisted.

    When I switch back to my old configuration (Switching back cables), I get good speeds again.

    I don't really know what to do now, so im facing here to find some guidence.


    Both pfSense setups are at the same version (2.3.2)



  • I would double check that Virtual Machine Queueing or whatever it's called is disabled on your broadcom NICs on the host.

    We've had sooo many network performance issues on Hyper-V and it's usually down to this feature on the network cards.

    1. offloading IN the virtual machine (esp. RX/TXSUM), you probably should have it disabled all
    2. offloading ON the host - sometimes you need to disable it too (but check VM first)

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