• Hi Guys.

    I have a request from my boss I need to block APPS like facebook messager. Whatsapp and youtube and content as well . What I have done so far is creating rules to block youtube but it doesnot work well because google use the same ip range. Also I tried with OPENDNS but it not possible in my enviroment . the solution of DNS Forwarding doesnot work.

    Please somebody help me !!!

  • You can block all of Google or none of it, not much in between. As for DNS, you could us Unbound to redirect and others to some page on your internal network or something. Similar for Whatsapp.

    One issue you may run into is Google servers are used all over the Internet, like CDNs and what-not. You may break random pages if you block all of Google's IPs.

  • Please follow topic;topicseen may help ur problem
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