How to set up two vlans, each on separate OpenVPN client?

  • Hello,

    I used last 3 days to figure out how to solve my problem.

    I have 2 vlans set up LAN and LAN2 and a single OpenVPN client ().

    In the beginning i ran a single OpenVPN client on pfSense.

    • OpenVPNClient added as interface
    • LAN and LAN2 gateway is set up to be that OpenVPN Client
    • NAT(manual outbound) is set up to go through same OpenVPN client.

    Everything worked fine and there were no problems. However now i want LAN go through an swedish VPN but LAN2 to go through  UK VPN and thats where i got stuck.

    I created a new VpnClient for the UK and added it as interface, which went fine. Now my next step was to set LAN2 firewall rule to go thorugh UK VPN instead of Sweedish. Afterwards i changed outbound NAT rules for LAN2 to go throug UK VPN too. I thought that it was it, but now my Sweedish  VLAN works fine, but LAN2  is broken.

    What have i done wrong?
    Can anybody guide me in the right direction?
    Is it even possible what i am trying to achieve?

    Here is setup:

    Mullvad = UK vpn
    Open_VPN_NEW = SWE vpn


    LAN2 Firewall RULE

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