XenServer 7 + pfSense 2.3.2 on Zotac CI 323 : HVM to PVHVM

  • I recently bought a Zotac CI 323 and installed XenServer 7 with a pfSense 2.3.2 VM.
    It is running (default) in HVM mode. I  read that i should run in PVHVM mode for more efficiency.
    Since i'm using OpenVPN with AES encryption my current bottleneck is the cpu so if i can sqeeze another 10 or 20 mbps out of the connection using PVHVM instead of HVM that would be ideal.

    I found the wiki (https://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_Linux_PV_on_HVM_drivers) telling me to add "xen_platform_pci=1" to "/etc/xen/<vm>" configuration file but there is no VM specific config file there to be found.
    Now i'm a total Linux noob and can barely use cd, ls and nano but i've come this far so if anyone has a simple how-to that would be much appreciated.</vm>

  • Could you tell me how you got xenserver7 installed? When selecting key maps at the beginning of installation, my keyboard doesn't work. Did you do anything special to get the installation?


  • I know this is an old post,but as long as you choose "other install media" template when installing, it's automatically PVHVM

    an easy way to check it's using PV drivers in an HVM VM is go to status>interfaces, they should be named xn0, xn1, etc

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