Captive Portal and Bandwidth Management

  • I am working on extending some of the Captive portal functionality in PF Sense.  I work with a lot of Commercial Captive Portal Gateways and am looking for a solution for our lower end clients which are much engaged in "Value Engineering".

    I just looked through the code for the services_captiveportal.php file and noticed a section commented out referring to Bandwidth Shaping for all Captive Portal Users.  Is the code broken or just not tested enough to release?
    I am wanting to extend to allow selection of User profiles to enable more bandwidth and or 1 to 1 NAT of IP based upon upsell parameters.  Has anyone done this with the exception of incorporating full blown  Chilli type implementations.

    My deployment scenario does not allow me to know IP addresses of individual users.

    I also would like to be able to do a Session Page showing information on individual Sessions to include Port Connection and bandwidth utilized.  I work with a product which does this through SNMP queries as well as VLAN port tables.

    I saw in a piece of documentation that all portions of a Splash page should be under approx 250K.  Is this old information because I have a 40 gig drive in my test unit and all of this extra functionality may need more room than this for the logic I want to incorporate.

    Also as an aside.. Has anyone got a lead on code to enable a type of "ARP takeover" in the IP Stack to allow browsing of machines which have a Static address from a home or business installation using Layer 2 Routing.  Other Gateways have different names for this.

    I appreciate all comments.

    Senior Engineer..

  • I believe that with 'new traffic shaper' in the 1.3 release it will be able to dynamically changing user's bandwidth settings.

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