Squid Causing High CPU Usage & Latency After Package Installation (Not Enabled)

  • I have a pfSense VM running atop ESXi 5.5 on a 2950 w/ dual Xeon 5450 CPUs. CPU utilization for the entire system hovers around 800Mhz (of 8 x 3Ghz). So almost idle. After I installed the squid3 package cpu utilization went bonkers and latency would spike every 15 seconds or so to the point where VoIP calls would cut out for brief moments. Squid wasnt even enabled, just installed. Uninstalling the package brought CPU utilization down to normal levels. The pfSense VM had 4 virtual CPUs (4 x 3Ghz) allocated to it.

    Anyone have any insight into what may be happening here? This is an older but very capable system, I dont think squid would normally bring such a setup to its knees.

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