• Hi peeps,
    been a while

    I'm helping with community groups & centres & events & we've got connectivity issues.

    What I've had so far was to make use of an OpenWRT device, connect to any open/public hotspots I can find or borrow & then serve up some sort of filtered or managed local networking; combination of wired & wireless.

    I'd like to take this a step up for the community centres & put in place a robust solution in the form of a pfSense box, but our restrictions are still quite similar, needing to relay on whatever networking we can sniff.

    I've added a USB WiFi dongle & I can see the pfSense box pick it up & able to allocate it to the WAN interface, I can also (under Status > Wireless) see what networks are at my disposal.

    What I'm having trouble with is finding a way (via the GUI) to connect to a given (hidden?) AP, to the requisite auth (if needed) & get traffic flowing.

    side-note: I also note that the questionable AP provided by the city council needs me to disable 'rebind protection', which is an effect I'm trying to mitigate.

    Can anyone please provide guidance on how to select, connect & authenticate to a desired network?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You should be able to connect one of the APs by putting your card in Infrastructure (BSS) mode.  This link might help


  • I have crappy DSL but I get great cableWiFi in the same building.  I would like to use the cableWiFi as a backup.  I have installed an Alpha long range USB WiFi adapter I had lying around.  Please help with more info.

  • I have been trying for years to get a backup "WiFi_WAN" link working.  Every time I start to tackle the problem, I have problems & no one is able to help.  I want to use my cell phone Hot Spot as a backup in case my cable modem goes down.  I have never had a wireless card in a pfSense box successfully see (much less connect) to my phone's SSID.  All of my other devices see and use the phone.  Good luck!