Untangle firewall

  • I have seen untangle free edition using their demo site, and they have this application control.  ang it has cost to buy to use that application control feature and its really reasonable.  I wish pfsense also has those paid features with reasonable price.  You can select which feature to buy.

    Moreover on their firewall, they have value to match for OpenVPN, etc…

    I wish pfSense can also implement this way.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So you want pfsense to start charging?  Are you on crack? ;)

    Your more than free to send them money if you feel like it.. Or is that you want application control feature of untangle and would be willing to pay for it..  If so head on over to the bounty section..

    You know you can use snort to do filtering at layer 7, which is all that is.

  • This is a really bad suggestion bro.