Setup Private Internet Access for only a few computers on LAN

  • Hello, all,

    I have been struggling with this for a while and am unable to figure it out. I would like to setup an OpenVPN connection for the network. That I can do. Next I want to route certain computers through it at all times while the rest proceed as normal through the regular WAN connection.

    Could I get some guidance on where to do this?


  • Go to Firewall>Aliases>IP and create two aliases, one containing all the IP addresses that must use the VPN tunnel and the second one containing all other IP addresses.
    Then go to Firewall>Rules>LAN and create two pass rules using the previous aliases as Source and setting up the correct gateway in the Advanced Options; the VPN gateway for the VPN alias and the default gateway (as WANGW) for the second alias.

    In addition, if you want that devices routed trough VPN stop connecting if the VPN connection drops, you should follow this guide:

  • That worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

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