Captive portal page delay to popup

  • Hi,

    I am using captive portal with the method of no authentication, and the custom portal page will pop up immediately on device if it connect to my WiFi.  It works well for about 7 months. But, recently, I found that some devices are delayed to get the popup. The delay time is about 40 seconds or longer. Can somebody help on my issue? Thanks.

  • Hi !

    First things first.
    What pfSense version ?

    To install pfSense - and activate the CP, a max of 10 settings are needed. After that, it works as advertised.
    What did you do to make it work ?

    Check all, say : latest 10 threads in this part of the forum. All kind of "special case" DNS issues might arrive - the most strange "never seen before network setups" are being constructed. So, understand that I want to know what's so special about yours.
    The I tell you what up ;)

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