VMWare Workstation 12 + pfsense … firewalling the host?

  • I have 2 physical nics connected to my cable modem with two public IP's.

    On NIC1 my host connects to the internet

    On NIC2 my pfsense vm connects to the internet

    I have my cable modem passing through a public IP through one of my nics to pfsense by enabling the vmware bridge protocol on the nic and disabling the other local protocols. (straight pass-through)

    My pfsense VM has 2 nics

    em0 -> dhcp (wan)
    em1 -> (lan)

    I would like to disable NIC1 and use a virtual nic to connect  my host to the em1 lan.

    I have tried adding a third nic to the vm as bridged and host-only. 
    Bridged brings the IP in from the cable modem and host only appears to block em0 (or I have no idea how to configure this).

    em2 ->                (opt) ???

    I have been searching for directions on how to establish this network configuration with vmware workstation and only seem to be able to find explanations for how to do this with ESXi where there is no host operating system to fuss with.

    Is this possible?  and can someone explain or direct me to how to make it so if it is?    Been banging my head off and on for about a week without success.  Likely to give up and switch to ESXi once I get some more disk at this point.

  • Care to document a screen shot of your Virtual Network Editor?

    I do this with 2 bridged adapters. One for WAN (VMnet0) and one for LAN (VMnet2).