Digest_auth and manual config

  • We are analyzing the implementation of pfsense as a solution for the company, but we came across some items that we find solutions. Community support would like to clarify some points.

    1. Protection of login / password in the squid: The package for pfsense does not have the digest_auth option, and the use of basic authentication traffics the plaintext authentication. The pfsense has some way to protect this authentication?
      If we compile the squid, but in this case we will have problems when pfsense be upgraded, correct?

    2. Manual Setup: To many parameters that have adopted the squid does not exist as insert in pfsense interface, in this case when we have a reload pfsense lose the settings. Is there any way to make managing configuration files by way of console that is not overwritten by pfsense?

    Sorry for my English.


    1. No idea

    2. The squid config General page has an Advanced Options button that you can use to expand the section that allows you to enter custom parameters.

    If the squid package isn't to your liking then I don't know why you don't just spin up a Linux box, compile squid with whatever options you need and then just use that.

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