OpenVPN routing from Mobile

  • Hello,

    for the past few weeks I'm unsuccesfully trying to make this work. I have two separate LAN networks (lets call them LAN1 with ip, and LAN2 with ip Both networks are behind their separate pfSense firewalls, both are connected using OpenVPN, machines on both networks see well to the other one.

    I have also set-up an access ("road warrior"?) for mobile phone or notebook which connects to LAN2 through OpenVPN. They work well while connecting to LAN2 machines, but no matter what I do, what setup I use, how I configure the server side OpenVPN on pfSense-LAN2 box or client side on my android mobile phone,  I can't connect from the remote client to LAN1 machines.

    I have created firewall rules on both LAN1 and LAN2 pfSense boxes to allow any traffic over OpenVPN connection.

    When I look at the logs for OpenVPN, I can see this kind of lines:
    Remote/ MULTI: Learn: -> Remote/

    The routing table seems ok, as the LAN1 and LAN2 machines can see each other.

    Can someone please advise on the correct setup in such a case?

    Thanks a lot

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