"SOLVED" Firewall blocking UDP for no reason.

  • So I'm a beginner, started using pfsense since yesterday and i run into a couple problems that i could solve but this one.. is a mystery.

    I have 3 VM's, pfsense, Windows 10 and a ubuntu. (keep in mind that this is  a test netwerk)

    So the pfsense has 3 netwerk interfaces and openvpn Wan,Lan1 and Lan2. When i'm intern for example in Lan2 I can connect to my VPN with no problem. But when i'm conntecting to my vpn through  the host pc (wan) I says that there is a TSL error, so this must be the Firewall but the wierd part is the firewall is open for UDP with the correct port.

    any tips?

  • If your WAN is also on a private network then you might want to get rid of that Bogons rule as private IP space is also in there I believe.

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