Cp don't work

  • I have configured captive portal and enabled DNS forwarder and DHCP server. PF don't redirect me to the captive portal. And when I'm not authenticated PF resolve ip for me, but I can't ping any adress, but I can browse pages. For authentication I have to manually go to authentication page. Then i can ping adress. I can't understand what is wrong. Please help me.

  • Wow you're throwing with heavy rocks saying "cp don't work"
    Since it's working for hundreds of people lets assume you did something wrong.

    May you should start off with describing how your network is set up, what you configured, what your goal is, etc.

  • Sorry for pompous words.
    My network is set up like this: adsl – pfsense -- hosts. I configured pfsense with wizard. I don't have any specially settings. Then I've configured captive portal with local user and enabled dhcp server. Set network interface on my host to get ip from dhcp. And now when I'm not authenticated PF resolve ip for me. I think PF should not do this. I think it might return it's own ip so I'll be redirected to captive portal page. Although when I'm not authenticated I can browse internet, but can't do anything else like ping wan host, check mail etc. I want be redirected to captive portal login page. It's my goal.

  • I can't make up cleary in reply if your CP is running "as it was ment to run" : from number 3, where 1 = WAN, 2 = LAN (or nothing on it, just for admin facilities) and 3 = OPT1, which has CP mounted on it.

    That works out from the box.

  • I have only 2 interfaces. I don't have OPT1

  • IMHO, don't run CP from the LAN segement. I think that can't even work.

    Use a third network card for that which will become "OPT1".

  • thanx. I think this topic migth be post to FAQ

  • my cp no funtion with windows vista or windows mobile?

  • @MoRoZ:

    thanx. I think this topic migth be post to FAQ

    When the pfsense is equiped with wifi-card, this Wiki is valid : http://doc.m0n0.ch/handbook/wireless.html - an OPT1 interface IS implied.
    But : The CP-wiki itself from here http://doc.m0n0.ch/handbook/captiveportal.html indicated that the LAN port CAN be used.
    Now, who am I to say that's logic that LAN isn't the good one for mounting CP on it, but one of the present OPTx should do the job.


    my cp no funtion with windows vista or windows mobile?

    Don't know.
    I can connect very well with my
    1.2.1-RC1 built on Sun Aug 31 06:26:57 EDT 2008
    using Vista Pro, or a IPhone II for that matter.

    Please note that your question / remark contains no details at all, and might as well not be related to this thread.

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