Squid HTTPS, iphone certificate

  • Good day,

    I deployed Squid with transparent mode in my environment.
    After enabling SSL filtering, I was able to export CA (.crt) and import in Windows clients.
    How do I do the same for iOS? (iPhone, iPad)
    I read that iOS only takes p12 and pfx.
    Do I need to convert crt to p12?

    Thank you,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Email it to yourself and click on it on the phone and see what it does.

  • Thank you, I tried that and while the downloaded attachment is recognized as x.509 cert, there is no way to actually open it.

    CORRECTION (success):

    I have 2 3rd party(gmail) mail apps installed which I used to send the .CRT to myself. I sent it to my exchange account using the built-in mail and that allowed me to install it.

    Question begs to mind, how would one install this cert if no default mail was used. My wife for one uses just the 3rd party gmail app to access her emails, not the default mailing app.
    Is there another way?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You need to get the file to the phone somehow. Emailing it is generally the easiest. You can also use Apple Profile Manager, etc. You are asking an iOS question, not a pfSense question.

  • thanks, good point.
    Ill experiment more with this.

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