Suricata 3.0_7 to 3.0_8 update error

  • It seems I cannot update Suricata.
    Using: 2.3.2-RELEASE (amd64)

    Number of packages to be upgraded: 1
    [1/1] Upgrading pfSense-pkg-suricata from 3.0_7 to 3.0_8…
    [1/1] Extracting pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_8: …....... done
    Removing suricata components...
    Menu items... done.
    Services... done.
    Loading package instructions...
    pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7: missing file /usr/local/share/licenses/pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7/ESF
    pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7: missing file /usr/local/share/licenses/pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7/LICENSE
    pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7: missing file /usr/local/share/licenses/pfSense-pkg-suricata-3.0_7/
    pkg: Fail to rename /var/db/suricata/sidmods/.disablesid-sample.conf.5CST6ue46N8V -> /var/db/suricata/sidmods/disablesid-sample.conf: No such file or directory

    Anyone else had this error and somehow managed to get it fixed?
    Thank you.

    Later edit.
    Removing Suricata 3.0_7 and installing it again ( latest version 3.0_8 ) seems to work well.
    No more errors.

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  • I can confirm that exact this issue still exists. Happened during update to 3.1.2_2

    Suricata was disabled (not in menu) but still in package manger under "installed packages".  So only uninstall and new install worked!!