Does Compex WLE200NX (chipset: AR9280) works with 2.3.2 Release?

  • Hello guys,
    does someone manage to set up successfully Compex WLE200NX Card in dual Band (2.4 and 5 Ghz) with Pfsense? 2.3.2?
    I'm trying to set up is as AP but, it works currently only with 802.11n and seems to no be stable.
    It looks like there is still issue with Atheros on FreeBSD 10.3?


  • It works but is not rock solid.

    The card is not Dual Radio so you need two cards to use both bands simultaneously.

  • Ohh good to know,
    I though the card Dual Radio..
    Now I understand why, when I'm trying to setup the parental wireless interface on a other frequenz, it keeps saving the same parameters for both IPs.
    Anyway, I think I will better go for getting a new AP for this goal.

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