Changing Squid Config. Stops Activesync requests with Cert error.

  • Hi All;

    Went to failover my Exch. 2013 CAS Array last night and noticed I did not have the other backend server in the CAS Failover box in the Squid Rev. Prx config. I added it in there and restarted squid.  Outlook web access was fine, but testing ActiveSync  with Exchange Remote Conn. Analyzer "Unable to Obtain SSL certificate from the server".  I restarted the firewall and same thing.  I tried to change the backend server list back to the way it was and ActiveSync was still failing (OWA was still fine).  I restored the backup I made before I started messing with it and bingo, Activesync came back.

    Not sure what's going on here and why ActiveSync is failing and OWA ia not after changing it, I compared the settings in the gui with what I had before and there is no difference.

    I upgraded the firewall a few weeks ago to 2.3.2 from 2.2.6 and the squid service kept bouncing on and off.  I followed this article and the upgrade seemed to be working up until I touched the squid config.

    Anyone else having this or a similar issue?  I understand Squid has significantly changed in 2.3.2.

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