Can pfsense work as a wifi access point?

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    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm still new to pfsense. I am wondering if it is possible to get pfsense to work as an access point. In other words, can I install a draft-N wireless card and then somehow configure fpsense to let it run in some kind of software access point to let othe clients connect to it?

    An alternative to this that would be just as good is if there was some kind of application that could do this on windows XP. Actually I think that would probably be the easiest solution simply because driver support is generally better/easier in windows for budget cards. Problem is that Im heaving  real hard time finding an ap that can do this. Apparently lots of people were working on these kinds of aps and they all died out or disapeared. I realy hope someone knows about some software I could use for this. Dosnt need to be free, though thats a bonus obviously :)


  • Also note that there are no 802.11n cards availlable that work under FreeBSD.

  •,10926.msg60878.html#msg60878 has some suggestions about selecting a wireless interface that is supported (some care is required).

  • I tend to say "pfsense is perfect to handle any access point !"  :D

    If you trust the client that connect / use your pfsense box, daisy chain any access points that you would like - with WPA(2), DraftN - Long range, you name it, just chose the right AP for your needs.
    Just check that the access point shouldn't be a router, just a plain access point.
    Use AP to focus on your needs (like DraftN mentioned here).

    Another solution, if you do not trust your clients, like any bar/hotel/public AP setup : throw in your pfsense any (third) Ethernet card (a 5 $ solution), give it a static IP, and you could use access control, portal management, protect your LAN, and even more.

    Trying to use a Wifi-card into the pfsense box brings up the fact that the card should be supported by BSD 7 (Draft N isn’t there yet), and that the Wifi coverage will be far less (a circle around the pfsense box).

    For myself, I'm covering 5 levels building, 4800 square metre surface, with a set-it-and-forget-it-solution – using 6 AP’s.

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