Captive Portal page on wrong subnet

  • I am trying to setup captive portal for the first time. 
    I have the following subnets created

    vlan 100 (servers)-
    vlan 110 (work)-
    vlan 120 (client)-
    vlan 130 (Guest-

    Currently I have an NPS server setup to determine which vlan a user gets assigned to.  This works great.  Now what I want to do is if a user gets bumped to the guest network I want to use captive portal to have the user login to get internet access.

    I have setup captive portal on vlan 130.  I uploaded a page and when I click view it uses which is the work vlan.  I need it to go to

    Any suggestions would be great.

  • the webserver that serves the page listens on all interfaces (unless you'd active block it). The forced redirect towards it, will only happen on the specified interface/vlan

  • Thanks for the response.

    Currently I have captive portal set on the guest vlan.  I plug in to a port on that vlan and I get an IP address from the firewall.  I can access the firewall using but the cp page won't come up if I type in, I just get a blank page.  If I connect to port on the work vlan I can enter and get the login page.  It does block me from getting any where on the network though.
    Currently, this is in my test environment so currently all my rules are allow any.

    Is there  a setting or something that I can change to have it load on the proper network.  I have tried removing and adding the captive portal a couple of times.


  • I was able to get this resolved.  It turned out to be a problem with my switch.  I backed it up, defaulted it and restored the config and everything started working.