• Guys;

    I have a OPENVPN setup using PureVPN and it is working great and fast.  My issue is my email no longer works.

    I could create a rule allowing the IP access SMTP but the VPN gives a different IP on every reconnect.  I also use

    No-IP for my Dynamic IP address.

    I am looking for a more permanment solution.

    Thanks for your help.


    I am using version 2.3.1

  • How have you set up your 'Outgoing Email Server' in the Untangle Email Settings. Are you using Direct or Relaying via another mail server?

    Both Hotmail and Gmail are very picky about who they receive mail from. If you are sending using the direct option and your Untangle box hostname is not resolvable via public DNS then the mail will be rejected/blocked. If your public IP is dynamic then chances are good that the mail will also be rejected.

    If in doubt set up the Outgoing Email Server using the relay option via your ISP's SMTP server.