Excluding certain IPs from log

  • I am having trouble understanding how to exclude known IPs from being displayed in the log output and Firewall Logs in the Status / Dashboard.  I want to see what is going out my LAN, excluding a list of IPs that are already known to me.  If I find an IP address that has managed to get by wireshark (from stealth bypass from Microsoft or via the known Feds modification of Windows or from the Intel OS chip running on top of the main Intel chip), I can then more easily detect it, rather than having to rummage through every IP.  Is there a way to exclude a list of IPs from Firewall Logs displays?  Thanks.

  • Add an Alias and add all known IPs to it, use this alias in a firewall rule on LAN to allow or block traffic as you want and uncheck the logging option in this rule.

  • That was quite nice.  I already had an alias passlist with the known IPs therein that was in LAN.  The Log box was checked, so unchecking it was all that was needed.

    Thank you!