Blocked connection on local network between computers

  • First of all sorry for My English
    this is my network
    i have 1 WAN and LAN
    and i made VLANS to block conection to other vlans
    firewall rule.jpg
    i have turn on dhcp on all vlans
    this is configuration of firewall
    and configuration of interface of vlan6
    i have turn on dns resolver and squid guard to block bad www
    i dont now why the computers on vlan6 ( have their 20) i cant ping from 1 to other .Something on pfsense is blocking and i cant find whot.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well your rules on vlan6 are all pointless below the 1st rule.

    Rules are evaluated top down, first rule to trigger wins - no other rules will be looked at or evaluated.

    I you want to block access to other networks/vlans then those rules need to be above your any any rule.

    Your rule there that is allow all would allow anything from that network to go anywhere.  If you can ping something on another vlan - does that other something have a software firewall that would block access.  For example windows firewall out of the box would block ping from anything other than the local network its on.

  • ups ty i will correct this

  • windows firewall has caused me tons of issues, especially between subnets.

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