Xbox One and Teredo (UDP port 3544)

  • Hi,

    I just thought I'd share my findings regarding a huge problem I had with obtaining an IP for Teredo on my Xbox One. I had forwarded the port for Teredo and even added a static outbound NAT rule for my Xbox but I just couldn't get it working. So here are my findings:

    1. Teredo is used to give IPV6 connectivity on an IPV4 network so allowing IPV6 traffic (under Advanced -> Networking) may be necessary.
    2. Teredo requires a static outbound NAT rule (NAT -> Outbound). Specifically on destination port 3544 but you can make the outbound rule to that applies to all ports.
    3. Your router's domain search list (e.g. pfsense.localhost) can interfere with Teredo, so it's best to give the Xbox a static DHCP lease and set the Domain Search List to NULL (DHCP Server -> Add/Edit DHCP Static Mappings).

    I hope this helps someone. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Sources: — Teredo post on pfSense forum — Teredo on Xbox support website

    Other useful sources: — Ports required to use Xbox Live on Xbox support website — HOWTO: XBOX One and Open NAT on pfSense forum — HOW-TO: Multiple XBox One's with Open NAT on pfSense forum

  • @jasonm-0 did you ever have your pfsense with a VPN i having this issue
    i have Xbox one if i disable toe VPN i get Xbox to Open ... but when i enable the VPN i get double natted i cant solve it i have a guy helping but he doesnt have xbox so hes trying his best i just wondered if you had it
    i want the vpn to work on part of the network and the xbox to bypass the vpn
    go directly to the wan but when i do it it goes to the wan and the vpn