How to disable the firewall function?

  • How to disable the firewall function but not closing NAT at the same time?
    Because i'm thinking that the pfsense firewall block all my games so that i can't play any online games
    I try to disable the packet filtering but i can't surf net after that because it will turn off all NAT at the same time
    Is there any other ways to close the firewall?  ???

  • Unless you've created outbound rules to block traffic it's likely your problem is NAT related.  However, there is a sub-forum for gaming, so you may want to have a look there to see if others have discussed this.

  • I look around already & there's no exact way to solve my problem
    So i would like to find a way to stop the firewalling of pfsense & try to login those online games again
    But there's nobody telling me how to stop the firewall yet too …
    I asked in forum few months already & my problem still not solved yet  :-[

  • If you've only got a rule to pass all traffic then effectively the firewall is disabled.  This means that any problems are (as I've already said) probably NAT related.

    You may want to try enabling UPnP and see if that helps.  You may also need to read up on the networking requirements of the games in question.

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