PfSense Administration with Active Directory Failover

  • So in my virtual lab, I have two domain controllers running Server 2012 R2 and have turned on the use of AD as a way to login to the administration console on pfSense and have thus added the entry for the first domain controller to pfSense and I was wondering if there was to get some form of failover working, so that if DC1 is down, pfSense will automatically switch to using DC2.

    Methods I've used so far is to specify the root domain name which works if SSL is not enabled but if SSL is enabled, it doesn't work because the SSL certificate returned by DCs points to their FQDN not the root domain and giving the two DCs a certificate that points to my root domain also doesn't work because AD is using the FQDN SSL certificate.

    I know it seems a bit much for the admin page, but I'm like that.

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